• Wireless Access System Solution Provider

    Jiangsu Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd, is a large high-tech enterprise providing wireless access system solutions. Its main business is designing wireless access system solutions and manufacturing antennas, RF cables, RF components and base station assemblies for wireless communication systems. The business is distributed in more than 70 countries and regions such as Europe, Asia Pacific and Central Asia, registered trademarks in 14 countries and regions, and is a world-renowned wireless access system solution provider.

    Build a world-famous brand and become an international excellent enterprise. Hengxin technology will comprehensively promote the building of "Sanhua intelligent enterprise", lead the transformation of Intelligent Manufacturing in the industry, fully promote the "Four Transformations", comprehensively serve the fields of wireless access system, mobile communication, rail transit, communication EPC and testing services, accelerate the internationalization process, and build an international company with global integration of market, industry and brand, It has laid the foundation for strategic transformation in the 5G era, steadily realized the requirements of high-quality development, and made greater contributions to promoting the development of social wireless system access.

Committed to innovation and creation to build an influential science and innovation highland in the industry

As an industry leader, Hengxin Technology insists on independent research and development, breaks through the core technology, implements a number of major science and technology special projects, lays out the overall solution of wireless access, devotes itself to building "global wireless access system expert", and provides "one-stop" service for customers. In the production, we insist on "three" strategic innovation and build an international intelligent factory.

The "three" to promote "one", "one" with "three"

Internationalization drives factory intelligence, management informatization and manufacturing lean.

Factory intelligence, management informatization, and lean manufacturing promote international development.

R&D Platform

Hengxin has built a national postdoctoral research station, a national CNAS-certified laboratory, a provincial-level enterprise workstation, a technology center and more than ten provincial-level technology research and development platforms. Hengxin has also maintained cooperative relations with many universities in production, learning and research.
·? Postdoctoral Research Station (National)

·? National CNAS accredited laboratory
·? Jiangsu Province new generation of mobile communications with cable engineering technology research center
·? Academician Workstation in Jiangsu Province
·? Enterprise Technology Center recognized by Jiangsu Province
·? Jiangsu Enterprise Graduate Workstation
·? Key enterprise R&D institutions in Jiangsu Province
·? Provincial "Double Innovation" Foreign Academician Category Team

R&D results

Obtained 174 national authorized patents (including 47 invention patents)
Undertake 6 key projects above the provincial and ministerial level
Participated in the development of 46 international, national and industry standards