• Wireless Access System Solution Provider

    Jiangsu Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd, is a large high-tech enterprise providing wireless access system solutions. Its main business is designing wireless access system solutions and manufacturing antennas, RF cables, RF components and base station assemblies for wireless communication systems. The business is distributed in more than 70 countries and regions such as Europe, Asia Pacific and Central Asia, registered trademarks in 14 countries and regions, and is a world-renowned wireless access system solution provider.

    Build a world-famous brand and become an international excellent enterprise. Hengxin technology will comprehensively promote the building of "Sanhua intelligent enterprise", lead the transformation of Intelligent Manufacturing in the industry, fully promote the "Four Transformations", comprehensively serve the fields of wireless access system, mobile communication, rail transit, communication EPC and testing services, accelerate the internationalization process, and build an international company with global integration of market, industry and brand, It has laid the foundation for strategic transformation in the 5G era, steadily realized the requirements of high-quality development, and made greater contributions to promoting the development of social wireless system access.

Social responsibility

Create charitable enterprises

Social Welfare

Social responsibility is the first responsibility of the enterprise. With the goal of creating a "charity-oriented enterprise", Hengxin Technology takes the initiative to fulfill its social responsibility. Upholding the concept of "from the society, to the society", Hengxin Technology actively carries out various public welfare activities such as donating money to schools, helping the poor and the needy, and donating blood on a voluntary basis every year to feed the society, taking the responsibility to contribute to the society and interpreting the "love" of Hengxin people with practical actions. We have been awarded "Advanced Unit of Charitable Donation" by the local government for many years in a row.
  • 2020年10月15日 亨鑫科技組織參加丁蜀鎮無償獻血活動
    October 2020 - Compulsory blood donation activity in Taodu Culture Square
  • 2020年8月15日 亨鑫科技關工委開展“弘揚抗疫精神,立志成才報國”暑期關工實踐活動
    August 2020 "Carrying forward the spirit of anti-epidemic and aspiring to serve the country" for the children of employees as caring for the next generation work activities
  • 2020年7月1日 亨鑫科技黨委組石龍頂徒步環保公益行動
    July 2020 Party members hiking environmental action in Shilongding
  • 2020年6月1日亨鑫科技黨委和工會組織開展了關愛優秀貧困學子的“社會媽媽”活動
    June 2020 Social mothers helping students in Dongpo Primary School
  • 學雷鋒日義工活動-亨鑫科技黨員義工
    November 2019 Donation ceremony of financial support for education in Zisha Primary School

Pay taxes according to the law

Over the years, Hengxin Technology has always insisted on honest operation and paid taxes according to the law and become an important local customer of taxpaying.

Sustainable Development

Hengxin actively practices the concept of green development and low-carbon development, creates a garden-style factory, and integrates sustainable development into the management and daily activities of the enterprise with practical actions, making it normalized and standardized. We have been awarded as "Environmentally Friendly Enterprise in Jiangsu Province" and "Advanced Unit of Environmental Protection".
  • Reasonable use of resources

    Using new concepts, new technologies and new tools to continuously improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

  • Promote energy saving and emission reduction

    Normalize energy saving, emission reduction, consumption reduction, paperless office, etc.